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Nefertiti Jaw and Neck Lift

The so called "Nefertiti Jaw lift" is a relatively new technique using Botulinum toxin to paralyse the muscles of the neck where they attach to the lower jaw region. It was described by Dr paul Levy, a much respected Swiss Cosmetic physician and provides an interesting & affordable alternative to invasive surgery.

nefertiti lift, NefertitiThe technique is suitable for patients who have excessive muscle activity in what is called the "Platysma" muscle - a broad sheet of muscle that extends from the lower jaw down to the clavicle & is often characterised by unsightly areas of thickened muscle known as Platysmal Bands which are most apparent when smiling or laughing.

The insertion of these bands can cause marked exaggeration of overlying jowels where they join into the lower jaw.

Relaxing the muscle along the insertion & also the most prominent bands results in the muscles attaching to the jaw from above having a greater degree of pull thus increasing the definition of the jaw line.

Not all patients are suitable for this procedure but we are happy to discuss this with you.


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