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Laser hair removal for transgender people

Glen Eden Medical | Grantham

For many people in the transgender community, the lack of or presence of hair can play a part in how they identify. Typically, female clients may wish to see less body and facial hair, and many male clients would prefer to experience this body and facial hair. While there is no right or wrong way to physically present the gender you do or don’t identify as, laser hair removal for those would like it can benefit their peace of mind and gender identity. Let’s take a look at laser hair removal for transgender people.


Laser hair removal for transgender women

Laser hair removal benefits many trans women in that it can permanently reduce the growth of unwanted body and facial hair in areas that may otherwise cause them anxiety. Seeing hair grow in places like the face, chin, and chest can be very distressing for those trans women who associate this growth with the masculinity that does not represent them. For those who take anti-androgens to aid their physical transition, body hair may appear to thin out, but it will not stop growing or be removed altogether.


This is what is impressive about laser hair removal for transgender patients, because it is suitable for most areas of the body and can permanently render hair follicles dormant. We are capable of treating the legs, arms, underarms, buttocks, bikini line, back, and chest.


No more shaving or waxing

Performing this kind of hair removal on areas that aren’t commonly associated with your gender can be triggering and distressing. When you seek to present as the woman you are but must continually shave your jaw and chin, this is understandably very upsetting. With laser hair removal, all we ask is that you shave your area to be treated 2-3 days before your appointment. This ensures that a large portion of your hairs are in their growth stage, the only stage that laser hair removal can work on and makes treatment more effective.


We would ask that you don’t wax, as the laser energy is absorbed by your hair follicles which it then destroys. When you wax, your hair follicles are removed along with your hair, so it is nigh impossible to treat with laser hair removal until the hair growth returns. You can shave as often as you’d like, though.


Laser hair removal for transgender clients in Stamford

If you’re searching for laser hair removal, trust the professionals at Glen Eden Medical Aesthetics. We believe in empathetic, caring, and confidential treatments for all of our clients, and of course respect the wishes and identities of everyone that visits us. Enquire online today to book your initial consultation and patch test.