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Why you should treat thread veins in the autumn

Thread veins are unsightly spidery red veins that are particularly noticeable when they occur on the face. The Daily Mail reported in one of its health articles that 70% of women over the age of 70 have at least one or two of them.


Given that thread veins are associated with getting older, being rid of them can have a dramatically rejuvenating effect on your appearance. The treatment to do that is very safe. However, given that the number of treatment sessions required to remove them varies with each individual, it’s a good idea to consider booking a session now, if you’d like to have clearer skin in time for the Christmas and the New Years Eve parties.


The causes of thread veins


These prominent little threads of red that are visible near the surface of the skin occur due to a variety of factors. Sun exposure and skin trauma can exacerbate them, as can pregnancy and medicine that widens blood vessels as a side effect. Some people are more prone to them due to their genes.


How thread veins are treated – with IPL and microsclerotherapy


IPL treatment stands for Intense Pulsed Light treatment. It’s a form of laser vein removal and it involves lightwaves penetrating your skin and targeting the red blood cells in your thread veins to break them down and reduce their prominence on your face. The thread veins treatment won’t take long, but be aware that there may be some redness afterwards. This will settle down over the next few hours and you won’t need to take any time off work.


If your thread veins are suitable for laser vein removal, then you might find your skin will respond better to microsclerotherapy instead. This thread veins treatment is performed by injecting a sclerosing drug into the veins to stop the flow of blood through them. Essentially it causes the walls of the veins to collapse so they no longer function as veins.


Why should I treat thread veins in autumn?


If you’d like your skin to look clearer in time for the winter, then booking yourself an appointment with our experienced practitioners this Autumn would be highly advised. It takes 4-6 weeks for the results of the treatment to become visible as the treatment depends on your skin boosting your natural collagen levels. This simply doesn’t happen overnight.


However, once your thread veins are no longer visible, they should remain this way for a long time. You’ll only have to book 1 or 2 top up treatments per year to keep them at bay permanently.


If you have unsightly thread veins that you’d like removed, then please book a consultation with us here at our clinic in Grantham. Our practitioners will be able to assess them with a view to prescribing the most appropriate form of treatment. We’ll be able to explain the procedure, how to prepare for it and the results you can expect to see. We can renew the confidence you have in your appearance, by removing the thread veins that are worrying you.