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Your guide to facial hair removal using lasers

Glen Eden Medical | Grantham

Fed up of having a stubbly neck, that needs constant shaving? Or perhaps you have a patch of hair on your face that you feel self-conscious about and can’t easily remove? Laser hair removal from our Stamford and Oakham practices could be the answer. This is a permanent solution to unwanted hair that can have a really transformative effect on your life.

You might have heard of laser treatment to remove hair, and possibly even considered that this may be a good option for you, so why haven’t you booked it yet? Is not knowing the process putting you off? Is it dangerous? Does it hurt? These are likely to be the questions running through your head. Today we’re going to provide you with a guide to this effective hair removal treatment.

The process of laser hair removal in our Stamford and Oakham clinics

Our laser device removes hair by heating hair follicles to such a degree that they are permanently damaged and unable to produce more hairs. As the device we use is very precise your skin won’t be affected. Several sessions will be needed to catch as many hair follicles as possible, because only hairs in the active growing phase of their life cycles can be targeted.

The device can remove hair from large surface areas of skin such as the back or abdomen, as well as smaller, trickier to reach areas. We have plenty of customers who visit us for facial hair removal treatment at our Stamford and Oakham practices. Women who have thick dark hair on their cheeks, eyebrows that take a lot of plucking, and even hairy earlobes, can all find relief with this treatment.

The treatment doesn’t hurt, although it may be mildly uncomfortable for a short period of time. The sensation is frequently likened to having rubber bands twanged against your skin. Afterwards, your skin may be red, a little sensitive and perhaps even a tiny bit sore, but this discomfort will soon subside, leaving you hair-free, with more confidence in your appearance.

The results of your laser hair removal treatment

How effectively our laser device can target your hair follicles, and after a course of how many sessions your treatment will be complete, will greatly depend on your hair and skin type, as well as the size of the area you wish to make hair-free. We would like to invite you to a hair removal consultation. This will give us the opportunity to provide you with more details about your individual treatment and what you can expect.

If you would like to find out more about facial laser hair removal in Stamford or Oakham, please get in touch with our friendly reception team to find a convenient appointment time for you. You could be looking forward to a hair-free summer with minimal effort, no stubble rash and no painful waxing sessions. Give us a call to start your new smooth-skinned, hair-free life!